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1 Opening For 4603-1 -Supplier Quality Engineer Position at Tonawanda NY Location

Posted on 2013-01-03 09:44:02

Salary Range: Not mentioned


Supplier Quality Engineer Manufacturing
& Assembly 3A


Major Duties and Responsibilities: 

·       Follow all client’s safety protocols and client’s
work ethics 

·       Follow the ISO (International Standard
Organization) spill procedure 

·       Follow Top Focus Process 

·       Understand and use the various client’s data
systems--Global Quality Tracking System/Supply Power reports, and 6 panel

·       Monitor the entire commodity to assess which
supplier should be added to Top Focus

·       Interact with Top Focus Supplier on a daily

·       Check Problem Report and Resolution documents
for the Top Focus supplier on a daily basis and work to get immediate
containment and root cause the problem 

·       Review containment and root cause on urgent and
important issues with supplier as required 

·       Work on a short term fix along with detailed
action plans for long term fix 

·       Conduct a Process Control Plan Audit when
visiting a supplier 

·       Develop a Quad for the Top Focus Supplier (Quad
is a specific report with a fixed format) 

·       Fill out the SPAM (Supplier Process Assessment
Matrix ) for each supplier on Top Focus based on Standardized work 

·       Work with high risk suppliers for new parts as
identified by the APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) teams requesting
current Supplier Quality SPD (Statistical Process Development) Group help 

·       Complete the Launch SPAM (Supplier Process
Assessment Matrix ) for the Carry Over Parts Support based on Standardized

·       Standard work risk reduction workshops for carry
over parts on high risk launch suppliers 

·       Support Executive champion meetings, and follow
up, and preparation requests  sz

·       Attend Managers and or Team Leaders Staff
Meetings or other meetings Executive Champion 

·       Verify at the supplier location the Error
Proofing installed 

·       Check areas of weakness in supplier process and
facility that may allow the supplier to ship a bad part to client’s facility 

·       Check for the presence of Layered Audits in the
Supplier location and verify the plan and documentation information 

·       Support the Creativity Teams as required 

·       Interact with the Plant Support Supplier Quality
Engineer on a regular basis and act as one team on problem solving 

·       Support supply base initiatives as required 

·       Handle 24 hour, Warranty, JD Power issues as

·       Perform Special Audits and Surveys as required
by the Supplier Quality organization 

·       Deliver the zero tolerance policy for spills
when appropriate

·       Provide detailed problem information on spills
to management 

·       Participate in or lead emerging issue conference
calls as required 

·       Complete Quad Report for initiating NBH (New
Business Hold) for Spills as required (Quad is a specific report with a fixed

·       Refer suppliers with PPAP (Production Plan
Approval Process) questions to PPAP group 

·       Achieve the Supplier Quality Training Assessment
Foundation and Certification Level 

·       Achieve Statistical Engineering-Apprentice and
Journeyman Certification 

·       Escalate issues to the Supervisor Manager level
as appropriate 

·       Leverage Supplier Leadership to involve them in
Problem Solving and breaking roadblocks 

·       Discuss Supplier graduation with Supervisor


Required Skills/Experience:         

·       Knowledge in MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint –
Intermediate level         

·       Knowledge with Lotus Notes or other email
communication tool – Intermediate level         

·       Good interpersonal skills involving ability to
work effectively cross-functionally and cross-culturally         

·       Good written and oral communication skills
necessary for meetings and presentations         

·       Ability to work well with others, exhibiting
teamwork skills         

·       Partners with senior management to analyze and
solve issues         

·       Ability to multitask by handling diverse
assignments concurrently         

·       Tooling work experience         

·       Knowledge of manufacturing and assembly plant
process, procedures and facilities         

·       Knowledge of equipment, management processes and
productivity tools         

·       Knowledge of geometric design, gauge design and

·       Understanding of Business models and tools for
value creation         

·       Position related experience – 6 years         

·       Relevant auto industry experience required –
Entry level (<1 year)         

·       Past client’s work experience required - Entry
level (<1 year)         

·       Areas of expertise include: Project Management,
Quality Assurance



·       High School Diploma or GED         

·       Bachelors Degree in Engineering 

·       ASQC (American Society for Quality) Certification