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1 Opening For 2353 - Stock Room Coordinator Position at Torrance CA Location

Posted on 2013-04-16 09:37:38

Salary Range: Not mentioned



·         Main function is to assist and coordinate all stock room functions/management.


Essential Job Functions:

·         Maintain accurate stockroom inventory records.

·         Provide adequate storage of parts in accordance with quality control requirements.

·         Remove obsolete parts from stock.

·         Verify inventory tape counts by a 100% physical count and a daily automated random selection basis.

·         Interface and communicate directly with IT, Production Control, dispatch and Production personnel in the reconciliation of inventory record discrepancies and submit adjustments accordingly.

·         Submit accurate input to Data Processing in a timely fashion for the purpose of maintaining accurate inventory records.

·         Provide adequate storage of parts within Q.C. procedures. Assist in the removal of obsolete inventory from stock.

·         Receive, store, pull and deliver machined and purchased parts, sub-assemblies and finished products.

·         Determine (with the aid of his/her supervisor) priorities, storage methods and locations in compliance with Q.C. policies for old and new parts. Review all stock receipts and transfer records for accuracy, correct part number, and count.

·         Maintain an appropriate supply of material (E.G. storage containers, packing, etc.) needed to support manufacturing operations. Distribute material within the guidelines of a fully automated Material Requirements Planning System.

·         Responsible for the details of material movements within the system.

·         Submit move tickets and dispatch material to and from Production. Coordinate and expedite parts from other stockrooms.

·         Train new employees and maintain the accuracy of their work. Be fully knowledgeable and versatile in the operation of an automated MRP inventory system.

·         Be able to expedite stockroom procedures when necessary.

·         Assist in the development and implementation of recommendations for more accurate and efficient stockroom procedures.

·         Recommend new procedures for increased stockroom productivity.

·         Coordinate physical inventories when required by audit.

·         Carry out stockroom authority in the absence of his/her supervisor.

·         Write up appropriate documentation for the processing of verbal (e.g. phone) or electronic media (e.g. e-mail) parts requests.

·         Convert vendor part numbers into numbers when necessary.

·         Review, analyze and decide (with the aid of his/her supervisor, if necessary) the approval of inventory transaction requests.

·         Use MBS display and the requirements planning file for process decisions.


Required Skills:

·         Minimum 5 - 10 years with Warehouse coordination/management

·         Must have experience running the day to day operations of a stockroom

·         Prior management experience preferred, but not required.



·         Bachelor's degree preferred, but not required.