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1 Opening For 6142-1 - Industrial Engineer 3 Position at Lansing MI Location

Posted on 2013-01-03 14:19:45

Salary Range: Not mentioned


Industrial Engineer 3

Major Job Duties and Responsibilities:         

·       Assists in establishing operational methods and work standards using various measurement techniques          

·       Analyzes existing operations and proposes cost justified improvements         

·       Optimizes use of floor space, materials, personnel and equipment         

·       Assists in planning new facilities, operations and/or relocation of same         

·       Provides information for various management systems         

·       Regular contact with others outside the work group         

·       Monitors adherence to recommended safety procedures and good housekeeping

Required Skills/Experience:         

·       Knowledge in MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint – Intermediate level         

·       Knowledge with Lotus Notes or other email communication tool – Intermediate level         

·       Good interpersonal skills involving ability to work effectively cross-functionally and cross-culturally         

·       Good written and oral communication skills necessary for meetings and presentations         

·       Ability to work well with others, exhibiting teamwork skills         

·       Partners with senior management to analyze and solve issues          

·       Ability to multitask by handling diverse assignments concurrently         

·       Strong knowledge of work measurement and work standards         

·       Strong knowledge of manufacturing and assembly processes         

·       Demonstrated strong ability with ergonomic requirements of work station design         

·       Ability to conduct line balancing activities - 3-5 years experience         

·       Ability to coordinate system simulations and design process buff - 3-5 years experience         

·       Position related experience - 5 years         

·       Relevant auto industry experience required - Entry level (<1 year)         

·       Past client’s work experience required - Entry level (<1 year)         

·       Areas of expertise include: Manufacturing, Assembly Process, Ergonomics

Required Education/Training/Certifications/Licenses:         

·       Bachelor of Science in Engineering