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1 Opening For 6304-1 - Warehouse Supervisor 5 Position at Charlotte NC Location

Posted on 2013-03-25 16:10:08

Salary Range: Not mentioned


Warehouse Supervisor 5  Major Job Duties & Responsibilities:          

·       Meet business objectives for department regarding: safety, quality productivity, responsiveness, etc.          

·       Counsel/Support hourly employees with needs/concerns as required          

·       Address performance behaviors; commend & reinforce those that are positives, discourage and discipline those that are negative         

·       Uses Quality Network problem solving process to address opportunities within area - engage work force for ideas          

·       Apply Workplace Organization (WPO) process to improve layouts and efficiency          

·       Perform daily Timekeeping System (TKS) updating to ensure accurate processing of payroll data          

·       Use A-3 reporting format to document problem solving activities and observe local A-3 guidelines          

·       Conduct daily huddle-up meeting to communicate business performance and have two-way discussion with employees          

·       Perform and document weekly safety observation tour of department          

·       Plan daily work load in advance          

·       Support colleagues to optimize shift performance           

·       Observe contractual requirements (National & Local)          

·       Enforce Shop Rules          

·       Perform daily SOP audit checks          

·       Advance skills through Individual Development Plan (IDP) process            

·       Keep General Supervisor Shop Committee apprised of all pending activities

 Required Skills/Experience:          

·       Knowledge of manufacturing processes and procedures          

·       Knowledge of basic math          

·       Oral and written communications skills          

·       Understand of basic technology of area where assigned          

·       Knowledge of scheduling and other management systems          

·       Relatively high level of analytical ability where problems are complex          

·       Medium level of interpersonal skills to work effectively with others, motivate employees and elicit work output          

·       Knowledge of quality control procedures          

·       Minimum 4 to 5 years of experience in the field

 Required Education/Training:          

·       High School graduate or equivalent training, plus additional training such as that acquired in the first one or two years of technical or business school          

·       Training in skilled trades area or equivalent technical training