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1 Opening For 7014-1 - Lead Engineer Position at Pontiac MI Location

Posted on 2013-05-07 15:08:34

Salary Range: Not mentioned


Lead Engineer 1
Major Job Duties and Responsibilities:

·         Participates in the selection of new employees

·         Trains, develops and evaluates employees

·         Develops and coordinates timing of product design programs

·         Provides technical support for solving assembly plant problems

·         Conducts engineering activities for pilot line programs

·         Conducts engineering activities for model year start of production programs

·         Evaluates design proposals

·         Coordinates overall engineering activities with other departments and/or divisions

·         Initiates and evaluates cost studies

·         Coordinates with vendors and/or customers

·         Writes technical reports and proposals

·         Reviews legislative and regulatory proposals or actions to determine impact on projects

·         Almost constant contact with others outside the work group

Required Skills/Experience:

·         Knowledge in MS Word - Intermediate

·         Knowledge in MS Excel - Intermediate

·         Knowledge in MS PowerPoint - Intermediate

·         Knowledge of email communication tool (i.e., Yahoo, Lotus Notes) – Intermediate

·         Strong interpersonal skills involving ability to work effectively cross-functionally and cross-culturally

·         Strong written and oral communication skills necessary for meetings and presentations

·         Ability to work well with others, exhibiting teamwork skills  

·         Ability to multitask by handling diverse assignments concurrently

·         Strong mentoring skills necessary to provide support and constructive performance feedback

·         Displays attributes of a critical thinker and leverages innovative ideas

·         Advanced ability to identify issues and problems, generate solutions and choose appropriate alternatives using root cause analysis where problems are more complex

·         Ability to meet deadlines

·         Expert knowledge of design, development and test engineering, manufacturing processes, assembly operations and Central Office functions

·         Position related experience in engineering - 9 years

·         Relevant auto industry experience required - 3-5 years experience

·         Areas of expertise include: Testing, Design, Analysis

Required Education/Training:

·         Bachelor of Science in Engineering