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1 Opening For 7368 - Product Engineer Body Position at WAYNE MI Location

Posted on 2013-06-11 14:11:41

Salary Range: Not mentioned


Position Description:
* Develop/ Manage BSAQ roadmaps to deliver Vehicle Line/ Functional objectives (TGW's, R/1000, and CPU).
* Bin ECB daily generating Form 4
* Bin EVB as received
* Coordinate all current model projects into BSAQ and link to Form 4. (Including, Design, STA, Process, etc.)
* Review all forward model BSAQ projects for consensus of plan and affect to TGW/ R/1000/ CPU
* Identify and align ECB to Plant internal QLS and verify containment
* Manage initial containment for Design related Stop Ships
* Identify and deliver current model DESIGN projects with support from Dearborn VFG leader
* Lead plant trials and prove-outs for quality, MCR, SREA
* Support PVT managers lead in PDQR Vehicle Line Review.

Attend/ Support:
* Tire Kick Mtgs/ Plant Start-Up Quality Meeting
* Ensure issues are raised to the proper area of responsibility
* VRT Sub-system meetings Co-Lead w/ Plant
* Disposition issues to appropriate areas, STA, VOME, PVT and manage progress
* Lead overview and DESIGN related roadmap actions Plant VRT Leader & VOME to lead Process and Internal Indicators
* STA to lead Supplier Process related roadmap actions
* QPST mtg./ Hard Rocks
* VQR attend to ensure issues are addressed by correct areas of responsibility.
* Support VFG meeting as required
* Support plant on Part Shortage (part replacement) Launch Support Address AIMS issues, OTG, White Board mtgs, Start-up, OK to Proceed Review and approve pull-ahead changes of upcoming programs

Skills Required:

* Strong problem solving skills
* Good communication skills

Experience Required:
* D&R/ Manufacturing Exterior Ornamentation or Handles/ Locks or Sheet Metal Experience.
* Launch Experience a plus
* Experience working in an automotive plant environment

Experience Preferred:
* Six sigma green or black belt

Education Required:

* Bachelors in Engineering Mechanical or Electrical engineering

Education Preferred:
* Masters in Engineering or Business